Electronic Medical Records Accelerating Meaningful Use

CureMD All-in-One EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution is designed to personalize care delivery, enhance quality and patient safety, optimize efficiency and minimize cost. Our integrated platform includes practice management, electronic health records (EHRs), patient portal and mobile care solution for medical practices of all sizes.

CureMD EMR is all about patient-centered health systems to help enhance patient experience. Our solution transforms the fragmented and encounter-based care delivery system into a coordinated, patient-centered, cost-effective care delivery system that covers consumers’ health needs across various providers and over time.

With integrated Practice Management in the EMR Software, you can do what you do best – care for your patients and leave the hassle of managing a busy practice behind. It saves time, effort and money through next generation clinical automation with built-in preventive care measures helping you focus on the patient rather than a computer screen.

CureMD EMR reduces cognitive overload, supports unique workflows and clinical approaches with specialty specific EMR Software using template-driven, point and click technology to enable accurate, complete and faster encounter documentation.

It’s the only true all-in-one web-based EMR software today that is tailored for your specialty. You spend nothing on expensive hardware installation or maintenance. Login from anywhere and connect with labs, pharmacies, hospitals, radiology, payers, patients and other providers. All CureMD customers with low revenues can use our Medical Billing service to earn higher profits, reduce overheads and eliminate errors.

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Clinical Decision Support

Built-in preventive care measures in the EMR Software keep your documentation in check with interaction checks, clinical alerts and coding calculator.

Gold Certified ePrescribing

CureMD EMR offers Gold certified ePrescribing to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of the prescribing process – helping you prescribe medication electronically to pharmacies nationwide, pull drug formulary information and patient prescription history.

Electronic Labs

Our EMR software allows bi-directional interface with all major lab companies streamlines ordering and receiving labs electronically for easy comparison, trending and transmission through HIPAA compliant email, fax and Patient Portal.

Integrated Patient Portal

The built-in Patient Portal within the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) saves time and cost by reducing staff data entry because patients can register, review labs, request appointments, review clinical summaries and more without calling the practice.

Health Information Exchange - HIE Ready

CureMD EMR allows next generation coordination with links to health information exchanges across the nation.

ACO Ready

The ACO moniker has become increasingly popular recently and it’s a clear sign that providers and payers are committed to coordination in healthcare. CureMD with its Electronic Medical Records solution is committed to enhance the patient experience, improve the population health, and reducing the cost of care.

Meaningful Use Compliant

CureMD EMR is the fastest road to attestation. Our Meaningful Use consultants provide guidance and education to help you get your share of the incentives.

ICD-10 Ready

CureMD EMR software has always been the first to comply with the latest regulations and standards. We are ready for ICD-10.


Your data is always secure because CureMD is HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

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With CureMD EHR

  • Streamline Patient visit
  • Increase accuracy and completeness of documentation
  • Get the highest ROI
  • Receive Meaningful Use Incentives
  • Receive PQRS Incentives
  • Receive eRx Incentives
  • Reduce Transcription Costs
  • Improve Coding
  • Maximize Collections
  • Reduce Duplicate Orders
  • Decrease Risk of Medication Errors
  • Decrease Insurance Costs


  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle
  • Reduce Cost
  • Decrease Risk
  • Enhance Service Quality
  • Facilitate Collaboration
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Higher User Adaptability

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Workflow Editor

Configurable specialty workflow and process editor in the EMR assembles component templates, data forms and knowledgebase to facilitate adaption to your unique preferences, styles and priorities.

Auto Note

Generate notes automatically through customizable EMR templates, saving time and effort. Auto Note composes sentences and paragraphs according to selections and entries made during the encounter.

Outcomes Analysis

Aggregate clinical outcomes and report on compliance with national benchmarks and P4P standards embedded within the CureMD EMR Software.

Health Maintenance

With CureMD EMR, automatically receive preventive care notifications, alerts and compliance reports.

Clinical Overview

Provide longitudinal summary of patient history, trends and alerts on a single screen through our integrated EMR Software.

Computerized Physician Order Entry

Electronic orders & results management for prescriptions, labs, procedures and radiology. This is all possible with CureMD EMR.

Patient Education

With CureMD EMR, promote patient wellness programs through preventive care advisories, care instructions and guidelines.

E&M Coding Optimization

Maximize payments and eliminate missed charges through patented automatic service level calculations and direct charge entry - all through our All-in-One Electronic Medical Records solution.

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